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Newman's Commedia Mask website


I first met Newman when he came to Pender Island, bringing giant puppets for the Magic Lake Lantern Festival. I later visited him at his home in Oregon where he made his Commedia masks. He asked me to design him a website that'd come up high in the search engine rankings when 'commedia masks' was entered. Within a year we had him in the #1 position. Now he spends half the year in Bali, half in Oregon and we continue to add more and more masks to his website catalogue.


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From 1999 to 2007 I designed about 20 websites. As an image based designer my websites were more about graphic design and search engine optimization than coding e.g. Flash, Java etc. I enjoyed making sites, and some of them were monsters: hundreds of pages (like my own is becoming!). But what a great way to publish documents: fluid (as opposed to locked-in print design), bright as your monitor and available world wide.

I now only maintain Newman's website (above) and the Golf Island Disc Park site (below) although there are still a few out there that maintain my original design.

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Golf Island Disc Park website


Pender Island has one of the most unique, and beautiful, disc golf parks in North America. Situated on a hill the course meanders through the trees and over the rocks, presenting fun and challenges to discers of all ages and skill levels.

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