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Penguins on the River Vlatava - photography © 2009 Kelly Irving
<Kampa Penguins
Prague, Czech Republic - 2008

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Culture Photography: places, things, events et al

The broad brush: here you'll find landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, collections (e.g. Series and Street Art)....

This category includes Travel Photography (Abroad): including the USA, Cuba, SE Asia and many European countries. Currently the largest collection of images on my web site. Travel images also appear in other places such as Candid photography.

Home: Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada. Images of events and activities on Pender Island, including disc golf, kayaking, land/seascapes, the Magic Lake Lantern Festival, the Fall Fair and a selection of architectural photography. Also a selection of images from other Gulf Islands and a few other places I've visited in BC.

Series: collections of images taken or collected as series (eg. skies, textures).

Street Art: graffiti, stencil art, street posters etc. in situ.


Koroni, Greece, morning harbour view © 2009 Kelly Irving Aerial view of Poets Cove Resort, Pender Island, BC
Rainclouds over Salt Spring Island, BC Graffiti, Street Art: Paris 2009
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